Brushing Up Your Cooking Skills

Yes, this sounds like quite a basic skill to have, and everyone should know the fundamentals of making a meal. But how many of us have had the chance to learn this skill while we were juggling with our studies, academic qualifications and career management? But it is also something that you can start at a very basic level and enjoy experimenting. You just have to have the right kind of tools and guidance.

Asking for help

Yes, Do ask for help from your close family members or your friends. This is the best form of learning, by learning while watching your loved ones cook the food you love and are familiar with. You get to ask enough questions, try experimenting by yourself and if you make a mess, it’s in your own comfortable environment. When you are being taught this way, you will also be given spices and condiments from the teacher’s food cupboard until you are familiar with them. So go ahead, don’t be shy.

Trying out recipes

Even if you have no prior experience in cooking, you can get the help of recipes online or from a book. Recipes nowadays have step by step guidelines which can be easily followed. These provide exact details of quantities, specific details about ingredients, details of cooking utensils, preparation time and serving quantities. So following the instructions isn’t very difficult. Start with the basics, but also start with a recipe that doesn’t take too much time and ingredients. You can get more ambitious once you’ve nailed your first few recipes and you know you haven’t made big messes. You can even learn the basics of cooking through cooking shows on television. You have a private Italian chef like Fabio Viviani teaching basic Italian food with a twist, and you have programmes like Sorted giving lessons on making gourmet food at home.

Joining a class

This is a more interactive method of learning to cook where you have a private Italian chef or an expert on Thai cooking for example, teach you what they know best. And making blunders are quite normal because almost everyone is an amateur. You will first get to taste the original dish and then start re-creating it. And week on week, you will be able to make different dishes and brush up your cooking skills.

Take it slow, don’t be intimidated by the level of knowledge your mom or your sister has on cooking. Each person’s strengths are different, and practice will help you get there. For the moment, all you need to have is only one key ingredient. And that is Passion!