Food That Lowers The Appetite

Big appetite without knowing can destroy your slim line. It is guilty for overeating which is bad not only for those who want to lose weight, but also to those who can to keep their weight.

Imagine, one hour ago you ate your lunch, dinner is not close, and your stomach is “crying” for more food. The hunger can make you forget about the perfect figure and put in your mouth everything you can find. The worst choice that you can make is take the chocolate near you and eat it all. The best choice is to have some food that wil lower your appetite and put it under control.

Almost every product for losing weight (pills, syrups) are actually lowering your appetite. But the best thing is to control your appetite naturally. Here are some products that will help you with that:

Apples. Red apples, green apples, it doesn’t matter. Apples are rich with fibers which will make you feel full for a long time. You need a long period of time to eat an apple because you need to chew it good. That way, your brain will have the time to receive the information that you ate, and you will avoid overeating

Oatmeal. You won’t be wrong if you have oatmeal for breakfast. It contains “good” carbohydrates which burn slower, so you feel less hungry. In order to prepare it, use skimmed milk instead of full fat milk. Spice it up with pieces of fruit, cinnamon or a spoon of linseem

Soup. On of the most delicious ways to lower your appetite is soup. Research in Pensylvania shows that men and women that eat two portions of soup daily lose 50% more weight from the people that input the same amount of calories with different food. And it is not that difficult to believe it. The soup contains a lot of water, less calories. Of course, vegetables, are always a perfect choice for soups.

Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cucumber. The green vegetables are perfect if you want to lose wight. They do not contain a lot of calories, and they lower your appetite. Before every meal make yourself a salad from cabbage, cucumbers, spinach or broccoli and you will input a lot less calories during the meal. Research shows that people which eat salad before the meal, input 12% calories during the meal.

Bananas. You are starving? Peel off a banana and without any problems you will make it to the next meal. Bananas are a great source of kalium, and fibers. They improve the food digestion, and they make us feel full.

Dark chocolate. We do not doubt that you will try this. Dark chocolate which contains at least 60-70% cocoa, helps with lowering the appetite. The bitter-sweet flavor will help you both, to feel satisfied from what you just ate, and defeat the uncontrolled hunger. But, here you should be careful how much you eat, because the dark chocolate contains a lot of fats and calories.

Water. You are inputing 0 calories, and you are tricking the brain that your stomach is full. Drinking water before a meal, is one of the cheapest and most simple tricks for losing weight. Unrecently, American scientist discovered that people that drink water before the meal lose more weight that those that don’t. According to the results from the research, the participants that were on a diet and drank water before the meals, lost 7 kg for 3 months, and those who didn’t drink water, lost 5kg. Drink water during the entire day, and do not miss to have a glass before every meal. The water can help you consummate to even 300 calories less during one day

Green and white tea. You don’t find it natural to fill yourself up with water? Drink green or white tea, a couple of times a day. You definetly know can they help you protect your helth, but they will also help you look good. The green tea stimulates the hormone producing which keep the appetite under control.

Smell the food while you are eating it. Did it ever happen to be hungry while you are preparing the meal, and when you served it, and sat down, you felt full? Scientist say that breathing in the smell from a certain food can trick our brain that we are not hungry, and lower the number of needed calories. Chew every bite at least 30-35 times, and smell the food more often.