Purchase Good Quality Milk

Are you confused in buying a different variety of milk from the supermarket? It’s not only a matter of buying light, full cream, skim or light milk. Purchasing highly nutritious, natural and safe milk includes not only low fat but also contain a good amount of calcium and protein.

When you choose to buy good quality whole milk, it usually contains fat, vitamins, proteins, minerals, water and calcium. The taste of milk depends on protein and fat present in the milk product.

Know the type of milk

• Milk with full cream – such type of milk contains 3.3% of the protein in it and 3.4 % of fat in it.

• Low or light fat – this type of milk consist of only 1.5% of fat in it. In such type of milk skim powder is added in the milk to increase the taste and to boost up the calcium content.

• Skim milk – This milk is fat-free and contains only 0.15% of fat in it. Many of the good brands contain additional milk powder in it which improves the taste of the milk in a better way and increase the calcium and protein level of milk.

From farm to glass

Many of the manufacturers do ultra – filtration to produce the good variety of milk which helps in separating different type of components from milk such as protein, fat, vitamins, lactose and minerals.“Permeate free milk” increase the taste of milk in the more delicious way and have lots of many good nutritional benefits as well. And this is the reason why most of the consumer prefers to buy milk from the stores.

Since, milk is the natural food which directly comes from the cow, the quality and composition can vary by breed and farm. Due to seasonal and regional factors milk composition can vary in protein and fat levels.

Do permeate milk affect the quality

It doesn’t matter what quality of milk you purchase or choose, permeate is a collective term used for the vitamin, lactose and mineral which are extracted during the process of ultra- filtration. Such quality of milk contains high quality and is used as a nutritious product which contains all the important and essential nutrients which are naturally provided by the milk.

Although, permeate milk is not used for year round, instead its labels and standardization has to be regularly changed. It depends on the brand, company and the composition of milk. But most of the brands prefer to sell good quality milk.

Now, you would have got an idea which milk is more suitable, nutritious and tasty. You can enjoy good quality milk and make the health in the better way by drinking on a regular basis.