Top 5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks – Kids Will Love

Frustrated with your child opening their lunchbox at the end of the day and finding an half eaten apple, the healthy yogurt that you promised your child wouldn’t taste “yuck, or throwing away the homemade health bars you made because that’s what “good mothers” do!

Healthy lunch boxes that are fast, no longer have to be about junk food and artificial nasties.

Check out the Kids Healthy Food App short sweet (in a good way) Top 5, because your lunch box prep this week just got a whole lot easier.

1 – Table of Plenty – Milk Chocolate Mini Rice Cakes

Death by chocolate? Well not with this sweet little snack.

Health and chocolate combine to give your child an exciting and great lunchbox snack that will have them running home for more.

Use the snacks as a bribe to get your kids into chores it will work trust me.

2 – Macro Gluten Free Popcorn Snack Packs

Did anyone say Movie Night? Well now you can pop this great little snack into your child’s lunchbox for a midday healthy treat. They come in handy little packs so when movie night rolls around you don’t have to fight over that bowl.

3 – Sunbeam Snacks – Fruit and Nut Mix

A perfect snack for the budding young adventurer.  A classic fruit and nut mix offers variety and healthy fats and energy in one small package.

4 – Fruit Kebabs

Fruit is great, but there comes a point when your child becomes bored with it.

A quick easy solution is to cut up three different types of fruit and thread onto a kebab stick and wrap in cling film.

The kebabs looks fun, the colors look enticing and you (the clever parent) has managed to get fruit into your child and a cleaner lunchbox.

5 – The Lunchbox Smoothie

I prep these a few days in advance and freeze them so they are ready to throw into the lunch box, by the time your child gets to school and has lunch it will have thawed but still be cool.1 cup of frozen berries½ cup of wholegrain oats1 ½ cups of water or coconut water1 small banana1 tbsp vanilla extract – we use heilala vanilla

Mix together in a blender and pour evenly into freezable cups with lids.

So now you know the Top 5 healthy lunch box snacks, go out grab the goods and make up the yummy treats and watch your children come home with full stomachs, brighter minds and empty lunchboxes!